formerly Medical Prevention Center Hamburg (MPCH)

Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Zangemeister, MD


A thorough neurological exam is offered in cooperation with Prof. Dr. Wolfang Zangemeister, MD, one of Hamburg's leading neurologists. The exam focuses on neurological disorders such M. Parkinson's disease, stroke/stroke risk, Alzheimer's disease, polypneuropathy and all types of vertigo disorders.



Dr. Matthias Baerwolff, MD


Dr. Matthias Baerwolff and his colleagues carry out the extensive eye check that is part of all our check up packages. This ophthalmological exam includes:

  • measurement of eye pressure (early detection of glaucoma)
  • early detection of a cataract 
  • digital analysis of the retina (early detection of age-related macula degeneration = AMD, diabetic retinopathy, and retinal changes due to arterial hypertension).




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