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Your Stay at Conradia Medical Prevention Hamburg


We make sure that you are comfortable and in safe and first class hands. In order to give you an idea of your stay with us we would like to familiarize you with the procedure:

Our client manager will greet you on schedule at the reception and take you to your personal lounge which is at your disposal during your entire stay. The client rooms are furnished with a chaise longue and table, a desk and computer with high speed Internet access as well as a flatscreen TV. Some of the rooms are also equipped with a shower.

The client manager will hand out comfortable, metal-free clothing as you are not allowed to wear metal during the whole body magnetic resonance imaging.



Hotel-like client room at Conradia Medical Prevention Hamburg


One doctor from the team will then greet you in your room and discuss your medical history (anamnesis). Points from your already completed questionnaire can now also be discussed in depth.

The physical examination (scan, auscultation, etc.) will take place in a special examination room. A medical assistant will then carry out smaller tests: Measurement of blood pressure, bone density, and body composition analysis. With the help of a small plastic tube the assistant will take your blood. The tube will remain in your vein and will be used later to administer the contrast dye for the magnetic resonance imaging.

In this room, you will also undergo the ECG, stress ECG and lung function tests.



Sigrid Tiede monitoring a stress ECG


While our team is evaluating the first test results you can relax in the pleasant atmosphere of your room. You will be picked up by your personal client manager for all following examinations. During the breaks you can watch TV, use our room service or surf in the Internet.


A well deserved break in the client room


As soon as all steps of the check up have been completed, our radiologist Dr. Gocke or her representative will show you the results of your magnetic resonance imaging as an animated 3D demonstration in your room. Experience an exciting journey through your own body.

Finally, all results will be discussed in your room by on of our specialized doctors. Based on these findings, we will develop an individual prevention concept to suit your needs.


Final discussion with Prof. Bamberger

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