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Specific Diagnostics


If prevention is not your major focus and you would rather clarify a specific health issue, the Conradia Medical Prevention Hamburg offers a wide range of high end diagnostic and therapeutic measures aimed at solving your problem as effectively as possible. Our team of internists, endocrinologists, general practitioners, ultrasound specialists, radiologists, dermatologists, neurologists and ophthalmologists offer their services in close collaboration and within the same building, thus ensuring a wholistic view on your health problem.

Our special focus is on:

  • laboratory diagnostics, especially hormone analysis
  • ultrasound diagnostics (DEGUM III, highest level of the German Society for Ultrasound Medicine) of the abdominal organs, the thyroid gland, the heart, and the cervical arteries
  • high resolution MRIs of the head, the inner organs, the joints, and the vertebral column

Usually, you will get an appointment within one week, in most cases even within 24 h. Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information (phone +49-40-468636111) or write us an email (



Prof. Bamberger explains the results of a MRI exam of the brain

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